Targa Championship

Targa Rally Championship

2018’s Club Targa Rally Championship consists of the following events

  • Rali Bro Cynfal  20th May
  • Classic Tracks  27th May
  • Ystwyth  17th June
  • Rali Bro Teifi  24th June
  • Rali Dyffryn Twymyn  7th July
  • Holrus  15th July
  • 116 Targa Tracks  29th July
  • Chris Hellier  tba

8 rounds in the championship and the best 5 scores to count

Based on a points system with maximum points a competitor/ crew can gain starting at 100 going all the way down to 10 depending on where you finish overall, There is also bonus points for gaining 1st,2nd & 3rd in class, The points are then counted at the end of the year and at the Annual dinner Awards are given.

Awards are as follow

  • Overall Driver
  • Overall Navigator
  • 1st Expert Driver
  • 1st Expert Navigator
  • 1st Novice Driver
  • 1st Novice Navigator
  • Highest placed crew on each event in the championship (subject to at least 2 Barcud MC crews starting the event)