24th JULY 2022


1. Barcud Motor Club will organise a Clubmans Autotest on Sunday, 24th July 2022, at 1. Ty’n-dolau, Llangeitho.

2. The meeting will be held under the General Regulations of Motorsport UK (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), and these Supplementary Regulations.

3. Motorsport UK permit number 127325.

4. The event is open to all fully elected members of Barcud Motor Club. Club membership is available for the event. All entrants must produce a club membership card and an RS Clubman or higher status competition licence. This also applies to ANY passengers carried in competing vehicles. Licences CANNOT be applied for on the day of the event.

5. The event will start at 10.00am. Signing-on will commence at 09.00. Any competitor not signed on by 09.30am may be excluded from the event.

6. The event will consist of a minimum of six tests, details of which will be issued to competitors on the day. Public roads will NOT be used between each location.

The following classes will apply:-

(a) Seniors – competitors aged 18 or over on January 1st, 2022

(b) Juniors – competitors aged under 18 on January 1st, 2022

(c) Ladies

7. Vehicles will be started at the decision of the organisers. Where a vehicle is being “shared”, the organisers will ensure that both competitors are at the same location. Vehicles CANNOT be shared/used by more than TWO competitors. Where a vehicle is being shared, BOTH competitors must complete an entry form and pay an entry fee each.

8. Maximum engine capacity for any competing vehicle is 2000cc. Tyres must NOT be of “chunky” or “mud and snow” pattern. Any vehicle presented with such tyres will NOT be allowed to start the event. Any vehicle that is fitted with a soft top (i.e convertible) MUST be fitted with a minimum of a “rollover bar” type protection.

9. Practising is NOT allowed on this event.

10. Competitors will be identified by an adhesive plate, which must be displayed on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Where a vehicle is being shared by two competitors, BOTH numbers must be displayed on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

11. Awards will be presented as follows:-

(a) First, Second and Third Senior (subject to a minimum of four entries)

(b) First, Second and Third Junior (subject to a minimum of four entries)

(c) First, Second and Third Lady (subject to a minimum of four entries)

12. The maximum entry for the event is 30, and the minimum is 10. Should any of the minimum figures not be reached, the organisers have the right to amalgamate classes, or cancel the event.

13. The entry list opens on Sunday, July 10th, and closes at 12 noon on Friday, July 22nd. The entry fee is £20 (not including membership of Barcud Motor Club). All entries must be made online, using the official entry form. ALL of the relevant fields must be completed. Once completed, the entry form should be emailed to

Competitors must also, on the day of the event, complete AND SIGN a self-declaration. PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE VEHICLE YOU ARE COMPETING IN COMPLIES WITH ALL OF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:-

  • The vehicle is fit for purpose
  • The seat belts are secure and working
  • The front seats are secure
  • The tyres and wheels are fit for purpose and are NOT of a “chunky” or “mud & snow” pattern
  • The exhaust is fitted correctly and is in full working order
  • The battery is fitted correctly and is secure

14. Competitors should familiarise themselves with Section M of the Motorsport UK Yearbook 2022.

15. Provisional results will be displayed within 30 minutes of the last competitor completing the final test.

16. Event officials:-

Clerk of the Course/Secretary of the Meeting – Paul Jones

Chief Marshal – Twm Davies

Test Timekeeper – Paul Jones

Judges of Fact – Paul Jones, Twm Davies, Amy Evans, Martin Hellier

Covid-19 Officer – Twm Davies

Other officials may be appointed, as necessary, on the day of the event.

17. This event will be held according to the Covid-19 regulations that are applicable on the day of the event. At the time of publication of these Supplementary Regulations, the following are applicable:-

(a) Entries will NOT be accepted on the day of the event. ALL entries must be made using the official entry form.

(b) Every competitor MUST be accompanied by a passenger, whether competing as a Senior or Junior.

(c) Drivers AND passengers must be able to produce an RS Clubman (or higher status) competition licence at signing-on. If you do not currently possess a licence, you must apply for it beforehand – we will NOT accept applications on the day of the event. The RS Clubman licence is free and can be applied for at

(d) All competitors must obey any instructions given to them on the day, whether given by the Clerk of the Course, Covid-19 Officer, the Timekeeper or Chief Marshal.