13th/14th November 2021

Welcome to the 2021 Chris Hellier Memorial 20/20 Rally. This is a brand new format for the event, comprising 20 competing cars and a total of 20 controls (made up of a mixture of TCs, PCs and RCs). The event will include approximately four miles of unsurfaced roads, so sumpguards are advisable. The entry fee will include two light meals at the finish.

Please note that, as a condition of entering the event, every crew must provide a marshal – no marshal, no start and no refund of entry fee.

Please note that the eligibility criteria for classes 1 and 2 may differ slightly from those on other events.


Start and finish venue

Motorsports UK

Andrew Thomson, RLO

Dyfed Powys Police All officials, marshals and residents en route.


1. Announcement

Barcud Motor Club will promote a Clubman status 20/20 navigational road rally on 13th/14th November 2021, to be called the Chris Hellier Memorial 20/20 Rally.

2. Jurisdiction

The meeting will be governed by the general competition rules of the MSA (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these supplementary regulations and any written instructions that the organising club may issue for the event.

3. Authorisation

MSA permit number       TBA

DOE authorisation number   TBA

4. Eligibility

The event is open to all fully elected members of Barcud Motor Club. Membership will be available for those who are currently not club members Club membership cards and competition licences will be inspected at signing on.

5. Start and Finish

The event will start and finish in the Tregaron area. The total mileage will be approximately 30 on map 135 (OS Landranger 1:50,000 series), latest edition. The event will contain competitive sections on the public highway, timed to an accuracy of less than one minute. These sections will be run in accordance with the requirements of the MSA. Cars will leave the start at intervals of one minute.

Environmental Scrutineering and Scrutineering will open at 21.00. Individual times may be given in the Final Instructions. Any competitor not signed on by 22.30 may be excluded and his/her place offered to a reserve. Cars will be identified by a rally plate, supplied by the organisers, which must be affixed to the nearside window of the car. This should be removed at the finish of the event or on retirement, whichever is sooner. It is the competitors’ responsibility to ensure that the plate is legible throughout the event.

Competitors should ensure that they carry enough fuel (which may ONLY be in the fuel tank of the car – no cans or similar may be carried) for 35 miles. Fuel is NOT available at the start nor finish of the event. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that they carry sufficient fuel. All the organisers’ times and mileages shall be deemed to be correct, having been established according to R6.2. All organisers’ road signs are mandatory – No, Care, Quiet, OK, arrows (R14.1.7).

Competitors will be supplied with a rally pack on successful completion of signing-on. This will contain their rally plate, damage declaration form, time card, passage card and query slip. The route will be denoted as follows – on leaving MC 1, competitors will be given a colour map, which will show all of the route, other than Passage Controls and Route Checks. These will be given to competitors at the start of each section, by six figure map references, containing all the information necessary to enable the competitors to comply with R9.1.1, R9.1.2, R9.2, R9.2.1, R9.2.2 and R9.2.3. All map references have been plotted using a “Basic Roamer”, and this will be used in the event of any dispute.


6. Classes

The event will consist of two classes, as follows:-

Class A – Experts

Crews who do not qualify for the Novice class, in the capacity entered

Class B – Novices

Either member of the crew NOT having won the Novice class on any road rally, or ANY award in the Masters, Experts or Semi-Experts class OR finished in the top 10 overall on any event


  1. Crews eligible for two classes must enter the higher class.
  2. Crews may be reclassified at the discretion of the organisers.
  3. Entries accepted without seeding information will be allocated a start number at the end of their class.
  4. Competitors’ results on stage rallies may be used at the organisers’ discretion.
  5. NO discussion will be entered into regarding seeding.

7. Awards

Awards will be presented as follows:-

First overall – Chris Hellier Memorial Shield plus two awards

First Experts – two awards

First Novices – two awards The memorial shield remains the property of Barcud Motor Club and must be returned after 11 months, or sooner on request. No crew may win more than one award. Other awards may be announced in the Final Instructions.

8. Entries

The entry list opens on publication of these regulations and closes on       Saturday, November 6th 2021. Entries can only be made online, using the link on the club’s website. Payment must be made by bank transfer. Entries not paid for will not be classed as received. The Entry Fee for the event is £50.00, plus club membership, which includes two light meals at the finish. The club membership costs £10 per person, and will be for both the remainder of 2021 and all of 2022.

All payments made on the night MUST be in cash. No other method of payment will be accepted.

The maximum entry for the event is 20, plus 3 reserves per class. The maximum for each class is 15 and the minimum is 5. The minimum for the event is 15. Should any of the minimum figures not be reached, the organisers reserve the right to amalgamate classes or cancel the event as necessary. Entries will be selected on a first come, first served basis. Any entry containing a false or incorrect statement shall be null and void and the entrant deemed to be in contravention of the General Competition Rules of the MSA. The entry may be forfeited, in accordance with D19. The organisers may conduct random checks, in order to establish the accuracy of some or all the information given on the entry form. The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry without a specified reason.

It is a condition of acceptance of entry that ALL competitors must provide at least one marshal for the event. Their details must be given on the entry form, their marshals must sign on at the start of the event and they must remain at their designated control for the duration of that control being open. Failure to do ANY of these will result in the exclusion of the competitor who supplied that particular marshalling crew and no entry fees will be returned. Please remember – NO MARSHAL, NO START.

The Entry Secretary

Helen Casso-Davies




SA48 8NW

Tel: 07528020677

Cancelled entries Entry fees may be refunded, less an administration fee of £10, if cancelled in writing (NOT verbally), before the closing date for entries. Entries cancelled after that date will only be refunded, less an administration fee of £20, subject to there being a reserve crew to take their place. Please note that no refunds will be given until after the date of the event.

9. Officials

Clerks of the Course –              Paul Jones (07980 120328)

                                                      Kirsty Rooke (07967 697165)

Secretary of the Meeting                      Amy Evans

Chief Marshals                                       Twm Davies 

                                                                  Holly Evans             


Environmental Scrutineer –                 Rob Duke

Timekeeper –                                          Steve Price

Steward –                                                Edryd Evans

Driving Standards Observer – a list of these will be displayed at signing-on and/or MC1

Child Protection Officers – Jayne Merrington

Other officials may be announced in the Final Instructions, on the official notice board at signing-on, or MC1.

10. GCR modifications

All GCRs of the MSA apply as written, except for those below:-

R14.1  Checks may be established without prior notice to observe standards of driving, condition of car, compliance with route instructions e.g. Quiet Zones or Give Ways.

R6.3.1  Any notice displayed at the Start, or en route, bearing the signature of any of the Clerks of the Course, or the Secretary of the Meeting, shall have the same authority as these regulations. It is the competitors’ responsibility to note any information displayed at the Start.

R9.1.1/9.1.2  All competitors must stop at all junctions approached on roads controlled by Stop or Give Way signs. All such junctions will be contained within the route card, along with other junctions where the organisers require them to stop. A number of such junctions will be manned by Driving Standards Observers.

R12.2.7  Maximum permitted lateness for all classes will be 20 minutes and 59 seconds

R12.8/12.8.1  Certain sections of the route will be timed to an accuracy of less than one minute.R15.1/15.1.1  To be classified as a finisher, a competitor must report to, and provide proof of visiting, at least two thirds of the controls listed on the route/time/passage cards, ALL Main Controls and report to the Damage control at the Finish, within their maximum permitted lateness, in the car in which they entered the event, which must be travelling under its own power i.e. not being towed/pushed.

  1. Penalties

Performance will be assessed using the “Fail” system (Section R, Appendix 1, Chart 13), modified as follows:-

  1. Not reporting at a Time control – 10 minutes
  2. Not providing proof of having visited any Time control – 10 minutes
  3. Not reporting at a Passage control – 5 minutes
  4. Nor providing proof of having visited any Passage control – 5 minutes
  5. Failure to comply with route instructions – 10 minutes
  6. Passing through any control more than once – 10 minutes per offence
  7. Failure to obtain a signature for a code board at the next manned control – 5 minutes per offence
  8. Failure to note information on a code board, or noting information incorrectly – 5 minutes
  9. Wrong approach to, or departure from, any Time control – 10 minutes
  10. Wrong approach to, or departure from, any Passage control, route check or other route card instruction – 5 minutes
  11. Not complying with a reasonable instruction by an official, providing warning is given that a penalty will be applied – first offence, 10 minutes; second offence – EXCLUSION
  12. Controls situated at the end of a Standard Section – early arrival, 2 minutes per minute (where timed to the minute), or 2/60th minutes per second (where timed to the second); late arrival (where timed to the minute) – 1 minute per minute; where timed to the second – 1/60th minute per second
  13. Controls situated at the end of a Neutral Section – early arrival, 10 minutes; late arrival, no penalty, but any lateness incurred will be cumulative towards maximum permitted lateness.
  14. Reporting at any time control (other than Main Controls) outside maximum permitted lateness – 10 minutes per offence
  15. Reporting at a Main Control outside maximum permitted lateness – EXCLUSION
  16. All the following will carry a penalty of EXCLUSION:-
    • Failure to stop at any junction where competitors are instructed to do so
    • Entering an area designated as Out of Bounds
    • Breach of Technical Regulations concerning the use of lights, or breaching the Construction and Use of Vehicles regulations
    • Excessive noise, excessive speed or driving in a manner likely to bring the sport into disrepute
    • Damaged or ineffective silencer system
    • Damage to car in excess of that defined in R15.1.4
    • Receiving assistance contrary to R7.2.4
    • Unauthorised alteration of Time, Passage or Special Test cards
    • Not reporting at any Main Control
    • Breach of regulations R2.6, R5.4-R5.4.5, R7.2.3, R7.2.9, R15.1.2
    • Entering results room without permission (at either Halfway halt or Finish)

Assessment of performance will be by number of minutes and seconds lost. Ties will be resolved by furthest cleanest, smaller engine size or any other method decided on by the organisers. Provisional results will be displayed at the Finish, as soon as possible after maximum permitted lateness of the last car, in accordance with D26. Any protests must be made in accordance with C5, in writing, and handed to one of the Clerks of the Course or Steward. Competitors must not, under penalty of Exclusion (as per n)xi) above), enter the results room unless invited by the Steward, or one of the Clerks of the Course.

The organisers reserve the right to cancel sections of the event, should they deem it fairer to do so, force majeure notwithstanding. Time controls where, in the organisers’ opinion, inaccurate times may have been given, will be considered as passage controls. A copy of all results will be available to download online within fourteen days of the event.

12. Scrutineering

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, competitors will be required to complete a self-declaration that the vehicle they are competing in complies with ALL of the points below. A certain number of vehicles will be chosen at random for closer inspection by the event Scrutineer. Scrutineering will be in accordance with the Road Traffic Act General Regulations Section C and the Technical Regulations of the MSA. Cars will also be required to undergo a Noise Test prior to Scrutineering, and any vehicle recording over the prescribed limit, at two thirds maximum engine speed, will not be permitted to start. Noise checks may be carried out en route and at the Finish. Any vehicle failing either the Noise Test or Scrutineering will not be permitted to start, nor be entitled to any refund of entry fee.

Attention will be paid to the following at Scrutineering:-

  1. All tyres must be e-marked, including spare wheels, and comply with current requirements (at the time of publication of these regulations).
  2. Brakes – where hydraulic handbrakes are fitted, a cable system must also be fitted AND be operational
  3. Lights – must comply with the Road Traffic Act; no more than four forward facing lights to be fitted, excluding sidelights and indicators; spotlights must extinguish on dipped beam; reversing lights not to exceed 24 watts total and be fitted with an illuminated switch if independently operated; all indicators, sidelights, brake lights and number plate lights to be working
  4. No excessive steering play
  5. Flexible fuel lines must be secured with steel clips
  6. Washers, wipers and horn to be operational
  7. Battery must be secure and earth lead coloured yellow, and with the positive terminal insulated
  8. Seats must be secure; rear seats must be fitted
  9. No loose items within the vehicle, or in the boot
  10. Throttle linkage to be in good order
  11. A maximum of two spare wheels may be carried and must be securely located.
  12. First Aid kits must be carried
  13. Warning triangles must be carried
  14. Spill kits must be carried, as per R18.6.5 and J5.20.13
  15. Cars to be in possession of current MOT certificate, which must be shown to the Scrutineer, and have a current valid road fund licence
  16. Vehicle Registration Document must be produced. If this is not in the name of the driver on the event, written proof must be shown that the car is being used with the permission of the owner
  17. Bodywork and paintwork to be in good serviceable order
  18. Air filters must be fitted
  19. No radio transmitting devices may be fitted. Competitors may carry mobile phones, but they must be SWITCHED OFF for the duration of the event, and must ONLY be used in the event of an emergency i.e. to summon help after retiring from the event and/or to contact any of the emergency services should the need arise
  20. No temporary parts may be fitted to silencer systems, in order to help meet the noise levels for the event
  21. No additional fuel may be carried by competitors in containers. Fuel may only be that which is in the fuel tank. Any competitor found to be carrying fuel cans/containers, of any description, will be excluded from the event.

13. Controls

There will be 5 types of control – Main Control, Time Control, Passage Control, Route Checks, and DSO Checks.

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, no physical contact will be carried out between marshals and competitors at any control. This system will be explained in full in the Final Instructions, and at the competitors’ briefing on the night of the event.

Sections of the route will contain not on map triangles; these controls or checks will have a control radius of 3 metres. They will be identified on the route card handouts, and be preceded by a control board on the correct direction of approach.

All controls will open 15 minutes prior to the due time of car 0 and close 21 minutes after the due time of car 20.

A competitor who causes any form of harassment to any marshal/official, or who remains in a control area subsequent to an instruction to depart, will be reported to the Stewards and may be excluded from the event. It is not the duty of any marshal to interpret regulations or any other written instructions. It is the competitor’s responsibility to read and understand any regulation or notice. If in doubt, please ask at the start.

14. Timing

The event will use the scheduled timing method. Timing will be by digital clocks, using Greenwich Mean Time. Competitors are advised to set their watches at the start of the event.

Standard Sections are sections where a penalty will be applied for late or early arrival. Competitors may NOT reduce lateness at such controls, and may wait for a later time, providing they do not block the road for other competitors or road users.

Neutral Sections will be deemed QUIET sections and are used to take the event through densely populated areas or PR-sensitive areas. Competitors must proceed with the minimum of noise, in a high a gear as possible and within any designated speed limits for the area. They are timed at a low average speed and must be traversed without the use of auxiliary lights, except as permitted by law when driving in fog, should such conditions arise. There will be no penalty for reporting late at the end of such sections, but any lateness incurred will be cumulative towards that competitor’s maximum permitted lateness. Any lateness incurred elsewhere cannot be recovered on Neutral Sections.

Competitors may, if they wish, miss one or more controls. They will be penalised in accordance with paragraph 10 of these regulations for every control missed. If they rejoin at a control at the end of a Standard Section, they will be permitted to restart, without further penalty, at any time between their original scheduled time and their maximum permitted lateness, this being in relation to their original scheduled time. If they rejoin at the end of a Neutral Section, they will only be allowed to restart without further penalty at their official corrected time, taken at the last timed control they reported at within their maximum permitted lateness. Where a control at the end of a section timed to the second also forms the start of a section timed to the minute, the time allowed for that section will be taken as the time recorded at the last control, ignoring the seconds.

15. Insurance

For those requiring insurance for the event, the club has applied for a blanket Certificate of Insurance for the event, from JELF Insurance. Subject to an acceptable proposal, third party cover will be provided. All insurance premiums must be paid at signing-on (if not already paid at the time of entering the event).

Those who are unsure if they can comply with JELF Insurance’s requirements must download a proposal form themselves and complete it fully. This must be returned to JELF no less than 21 days before the event i.e. by Saturday October 23rd. All correspondence must be undertaken with Barcud Motor Club, NOT the brokers. The insurance premium for the event will be announced in the final instructions, plus any excess, as determined by the insurers. This must be paid in cash at the start of the event.

16. Damage

All competitors must complete a damage declaration form at the finish of the event. Should any competitor retire from the event, the form must be signed, stating reason for retirement and location, or last control visited, and this must be forwarded to the Entry Secretary within 72 hours of the event.

17. Pace Notes

The use of pace notes and/or any map marking, other than those supplied by the organisers, is expressly forbidden. Navigation on the event must be carried out only using the maps inspected at signing-on by the organisers. Any other form of navigation will be classed as pace notes and will result in the exclusion of that competitor. Checks will be carried out during the event.

18. Driving Standards Observers

Competitors who fail to stop when requested by a DSO will be excluded. The presence of a “DSO” board will indicate the presence of such an official in that area.

19. Service

Service, and any other form of outside assistance, will NOT be permitted during the event. Competitors may, however, work unaided, and may borrow tools or equipment from fellow competitors only. The penalty for infringing this regulation is EXCLUSION.